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Underclassman Make a Mark on Varsity Volleyball Team

The girls volleyball team is led by capable underclassmen.

The girls volleyball team is led by capable underclassmen.

Allie Neese

Allie Neese

The girls volleyball team is led by capable underclassmen.

Sophia Rodriguez and Allie Neese

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Girls varsity volleyball has an underclassmen takeover this season!

The San Pasqual High School’s girls varsity volleyball team officially started their season on Tuesday, August 28, 2018. This year, sophomores make up more than half of the team, and they’re off to a good start this season. 

“We’re a young team so we’re scrappy but still close as one, so when we play together we’re one whole,” said sophomore varsity volleyball player Maja Kresovich.

With each player bringing their own strengths to the team, they allow themselves to play connected to one another.

“By the time we’re older, since we’ve been learning and practicing each day, we will [end up being] a great and powerful team by the time we’re seniors,” said Kresovich.

Kresovich and sophomore Jennelle Cooley both agree that they most definitely see a bright future for their team and to have a positive outlook on this season.

“Once the freshmen on the volleyball team are seniors, they will have lots of practice [and will be] already ahead of the game,” Cooley said.

This emphasizes the team’s attitude, that if you continue to put in the work everyday you’ll see growth in your skills, just as the sophomores are preparing to do.

“Be better by a percent everyday, so by the time you are done you will be 100 percent better,” Varsity Coach Todd Goodwin said.

Pressure is a common thing that the varsity volleyball team knows all too well while preparing for a game. This team tries to bring each member up, so they can feel comfortable with each other and support one another as one big family.

“The whole season is about trying their best and working for next year and the year after that,” Cooley said.

Cooley and Kresovich are certain that all the sophomores that made varsity put a lot of effort into making it onto the team and deserve to be there. The team and the school has high expectations for this season, and we are sure it will be everything our Lady Eagles hope it to be.

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Underclassman Make a Mark on Varsity Volleyball Team