Varsity Soccer Team Breaks Record


Amanda "Eli" Chittaphong, Staff Writer

This Spring the SPHS Boys Varsity Soccer team won the 2023 CIF State SoCal Boys Soccer Division 2 Championships with a score of 1:0. We interviewed two of the star players, Ian Exline (junior) and Charaboy Iniestra (senior), interested in their plans for the future regarding soccer.

“My plan is to go pro,” said Iniestra. Iniestra broke the SPHS boy’s school record for total number of goals scored in a single season this year.

Exline has a different plan. “When I was little I wanted to go pro but that’s pretty rare… I think I want to try to play college ball, and then I’ll probably pursue it as much as I can,” comments Exline. Exline scored the winning and only goal for the Championship game.

We were also curious about what got these players to where they are now, and any advice they had to give to newer players.

“I was off season in November and pretty much all of October,” Exline said. “I was out almost every single day just practicing as much as I could just to get better.” After sharing this he left us with these words of advice: “Work hard. And know that you could always work harder.”