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Job Availability For The Summer
The Covid Vaccine Process
Fallen Heros
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I Feel Like An Alien: The Neurodivergent Student Experience
Distance Learning Is Coming to an End… How Do You Feel?
Going Back to School: An Interview with Lalo Martinez
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Kay Greenwoods Ranch
A Day at Kay Greenwood's Horseback Riding Ranch in Elfin Forest
Carleigh Masciovecchio, Staff Writer • June 5, 2021

In Elfin Forest, San Marcos, Kay Greenwood teaches 29 aspiring riders at her ranch, and houses 10 horses. At this non-competitive barn, riders...

Rhilee Bloxton-Soto Broadcast Segment
Art Story: An Interview with Ryan McGregor
Rhilee Bloxton-Soto, Staff Writer • May 6, 2021

An interview with Ryan McGregor, a San Pasqual High School student, conducted by Rhilee Bloxton-Soto. McGregor shares his views on a particular...

SPHS Drama Cast & Crew
SP school musical "The Less-is-More No-Frills Revue" debuts this Friday
Sydney Hanson, Staff Writer • April 26, 2021

The San Pasqual High School Theatre Arts department presents the spring musical: “The Less is More No-Frills Revue” Friday, April 30 at 3:35...

The SPHS Iron Man
An Interview with Starting Goal Keeper Tanner Wrezki
How is the opening of school sports affecting students at SPHS?
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Back to Summer
The Destruction of Purple Martin Nests at San Pasqual High School
While Some May Prefer Alienating Themselves, Social Interaction is One of the Most Important Aspects in Life. Here’s why…
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Band Practice
Final (any only) Band/Choir and Dance Performance of the Year
Aiden Hess, Editor • June 10, 2021

Glaring sun as the SPHS band performance begins. Seniors receive their awards. Choir sings for the first time together this...

Vintage Car Show
Cruisin' Grand
Meghan Molyneaux, Editor • June 9, 2021

June 18, 2021 Cruisin’ Grand comes back to Escondido’s Grand Avenue after two years. Cruisin’ Grand is a vintage car show that occurs over...

Gelato in Little Italy
The Downtown San Diego Tour Guide
Lauren Lokken, Staff Writer • June 8, 2021

Downtown San Diego is one of the many stars of San Diego. Between the city lights, tourist attractions and the beachside entertainment, it’s...

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