Teacher Feature


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San Pasqual High School had several new teachers and staff members in the 2022-2023 school year. We interviewed a few of them and asked them what their goal was for the year. Here is what they had to say.

Abigail Arrioja is a Math 1 and 2 teacher. She is of Latino descent and closely identifies with the majority student population at San Pasqual High School. “We need to diversify fields like STEM with women of color,” stated Arrioja. “I thought I could make a big impact by helping students whose culture I share…I chose to be a math teacher to make an impact and represent the minorities.” Arrioja is currently in a grad school program while simultaneously teaching full time at SPHS. Her personal goal for the year is to find a healthy work-life balance.

Austin Conery is also a Math 1 and 2 teacher. He teaches freshmen and sophomores. “My goal for this year is to get adapted to San Pasqual High School’s culture and to get to know all students,” responded Conery.

Andrea (AJ) Wood teaches English 9 and one class of English 11. She comes to us from Northern California. Wood is an alum of SPHS and is happy that her career has led her back home. “My goal is to have students enjoy school and become better readers and writers,” commented Wood.

Tyson Smith is the new Assistant Principal this year. Smith served as a teacher for 16 years prior to becoming an administrator. “My goal this year is to build relationships. The most meaningful lessons and knowledge I have gained in life has come from those around me,” stated Smith in response to our question. Smith is dedicated to creating a positive and thriving space for students on campus. “I am constantly amazed at the strength and genius of our youth today,” concluded Smith.

Karen Jewell teaches English 11 and English 9 Honors. She can be found in Room 309. When asked what her aspirations were for the year, she responded: “My goal for this year as a new Eagle teacher is to be a part of the community and make sure I produce really great writers who want to put their voice out into the world.”

Sara Kennedy currently teaches College and Career Readiness (CCR) during 1st Semester and Health during 2nd Semester. “My goal is to meet all of the freshmen regardless if they’re in my CCR class or the other ones; to get to know the freshman class and for them to pass my class,” Kennedy stated. They all need 30 credits this semester to move forward … CCR is also about getting them acclimated to high school so just making sure everyone has the resources and the tools that they need to keep moving forward at San Pasqual.”