Brody Regan and His Take on Mountain Biking

Austin Barrientos, Staff Writer

Brody Regan has been in the mountain biking club all four years of his time at San Pasqual High School. He’s been an avid mountain biker throughout his childhood. The main reason he wanted to join the club was to have a bond with people who were like-minded. 

Throughout his four years he has gone on a total of approximately 50 rides. Out of those 50 rides his most memorable ride was when he was with his friends in the club and he went down a very steep hill through a water crossing. At first, he felt that he wouldn’t be able to do it but his friends encouraged and motivated him, giving him the strength to complete the course. 

What his friends did that day he remembers and is grateful for. What his friends did that day is one of the main reasons he recommends the club to all newcomers who are interested. 

“This club is a very good community to any; it teaches you to push others out of their comfort zone and try new things,” says Regan.