Senior Graduation During Covid Outbreak


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The graduation cap of a graduating senior

Zoey King, Staff Writer

High School graduation has always been a huge milestone in everyone’s life. You’ve finally finished school! You don’t have to worry about deadlines, grades or finals. With that said, it’s already difficult enough to finish high school. Imagine what it’s like for the seniors in high school during an outbreak of a deadly virus. This article will be diving into the thoughts of actual seniors currently in high school.

Into The Thoughts

 High School is a very tall hill to get over. Although you get over that hill rather quickly, it’s still extremely difficult. All of the science math and english classes are hard to get by smoothly in. We talked to a Senior at San Pasqual High School in Escondido CA on the Topic of Graduating during an outbreak.

“I’m not prepared for the future,” said Danielle Aguilar, a senior at SP. “I’m afraid of the future because I don’t know if it will go right and this outbreak makes it so much scarier.” 

This is evidence that it’s so much more stressful for teenagers in high school now than it was a couple of years ago.

“I’m gonna miss my friends after high school because I’m so bad at keeping in touch and covid makes it even worse because some of my friend’s parents won’t let them go anywhere but school,” said Aguilar. With this being said, covid makes graduating high school harder because it affects teenagers’ social life.

Another student at San Pasqual High School had a similar response about this school year. “I hope I graduate this year, I really hope I do,” stated Aileen Camacho. 

This proves that with the outbreak it’s truly affected everyone’s social life. A lot of seniors admit that they think that they will be super seniors this year. It’s taking them an entire extra year because of the added stress from the deadly outbreak.

The constant pressure has truly affected these teenagers.Depression and anxiety has clearly imcreased. With all of this being said, Senior graduates of 2021 and 2022 have had an exceptionally difficult time during this unprecedented outbreak. 

Opposed to students’ claims now, people that graduated years ago, before the outbreak, had different experiences. Teachers at SP shared their views as well. “I’m definitely grateful that I didn’t have to go through Covid when I was in high school, it would have made it so much more difficult,” said Tracy Greer, a health / college and career teacher. This statement proves that it truly is so much harder on students now than it was for students who graduated before Covid. 

Covid has hit us all hard. We’ve lost loved ones and we’ve missed out on so many things. It’s been especially hard for students, because they need socialization and actual people to learn from. Overall, Covid has seriously impacted all students harshly.