SOAR Garden Finalized

Six months of hard work come to fruition

Isaac Kohlmeier, Staff Writer


Construction on the SOAR Garden began on September 23, 2021 (left) and was finalized on January 27, 2022 (right). In the beginning of last semester San Pasqual students were all confused about what they were making near the Senior lawn. It seemed like a pretty big project because in the mornings they would have trucks of menuner and mulch. Nobody was a big fan of the smell of menuner every morning but the outcome of the project was definitely worth it.

This structure is called the butterfly habitat where butterflies roam around and feed off of nectar from the flowers.

The planter box contains a variety of different vegetables including kale, and broccoli.

Other varieties of vegetables that the Soar Garden contains are radishes and Carrots.

Some vegetables are still in the process of growing. For example these growing stems are soon to be onions. They plan to use all of these vegetables from the new Soar Garden to educate students on the growing of different types of plants as well as helping culinary producers produce some of their vegetables necessary for their class. The SOAR garden used to be by the student parking lot but was later moved because of construction. The new Soar garden is a project well worth the wait creating a better environment at the school for students to enjoy.