The surgeons mask has turned into a symbol of the Covid-19 pandemic

The surgeon’s mask has turned into a symbol of the Covid-19 pandemic

Francia Polanco, Staff Writer

From kindergarten to college, we are now forced to wear our masks. Covid-19 took a great toll on students, getting sick one-by-one. Classrooms went weeks with hardly any teachers or students in attendance. 

1 in 7 students have missed more than three-quarters of their in person learning,” states UNICEF.  

Masks are supposed to safeguard people from contracting Covid, but that strategy clearly does not work if people refuse to wear them. Kids rarely wear their masks in class or confined spaces like restrooms and the  library. It often appears that students and teachers do nothing to stop it. As much as we can try and take care of ourselves we can easily drop back into quarantine.

“Schools for more than 168 million children globally have been completely closed for almost a full year,” states UNICEF

 SPHS students were asked if masks should be mandatory? “Yes because there is a higher death rate without them,” commented Boris Martinez. 

Covid has proven to be a very deadly disease.

Students have complained about missing school / work due to Covid. Let’s hear what Martinez had to say on this topic.  “Yes I have,” states Martinez. “I have missed a lot of school since Covid started, and most students or adults do not wear their masks which also caused me to get Covid.”

So now we ask ourselves – did we stop wearing our masks because things are getting better or is it because we have stopped caring?