The Final Pep Rally of 2023


Photo Credit: Areli Ledesma

Areli Ledesma, Staff Writer

The pep rally of April 21, 2023 was a memorable one as students dressed up according to their assigned class colors: Freshmen in Yellow, Sophomores in Green, Juniors in Blue, and Seniors in Red. Once everyone sat in their seats – split up by grade level – students eagerly awaited for the rally to start. The National Anthem was sung, the lights went out, and the Spring sports teams were presented as the following: Boy’s Golf, Basketball, Boy’s Tennis, Volleyball, Swim, Softball, each with their own unique introductions.

The pep rally was bountiful with entertainment as a flow of intense games ensued to determine which class would amount the most points. There were table surfing and cup stacking contests, as well as a collective “finish the lyric” competition. Our dance ensemble and cheerleading squad graced us with compelling performances that left us on the very edge of our seats. We also witnessed the much awaited fashion show where teachers were dressed in creative costumes and evaluated by a panel of judges.

At the very end of it all, the junior class tallied up the most points and won both A and B rallies. These reigning upperclassmen took home the gold donned in their armor of blue. This pep rally was one for the books, and we have to give our thanks to ASB for their outstanding work with this event and the rest to come.