Learn About The Culinary Class

Karen Magana, Staff Writer

Cooking is an important skill everyone should know how to do. Our school gives us the opportunity to learn this skill. On our San Pasqual High School campus, we have a culinary class that allows students to learn the art of cuisine. A freshman student at SPHS tells us more about her experience in this class. 

“My favorite thing about this class is eating the food we make,” states Jasmin Volper, a freshman.

This class helps students learn a variety of different skills and it’s a class that many enjoy.

“I learned how to cut an onion, make bread, and learned how it works scientifically,” says Volper. “We learn how to make sure food is at the right temperature. And we learn basic skills one should know. For example, what not to leave out to rot.” 

This class teaches one how to cook, but it also teaches them how to be sanitary, safe in the kitchen, and work in a team.

“We learn safety methods to keep clean,” adds Volper. 

Volper also tells us that sometimes she brings in some things from home. “Sometimes we bring our own food in, for example, I once brought juice,” says Volper. They will do this to make their recipe better because they often judge each other’s meals. 

“There are not many freshmen in this class,” says Volper. Competing with upperclassmen to be a top chefs is no easy task.

But, Volper is not alone. Students often work in groups of five or six. After her group of six are done making their food at the end of the day they get to take it home and enjoy it.