How the Great Monique Swift Caught Her Dream

Francia Polanco, Staff Writer

We need to get to know our SPHS teachers better, starting with Monique Swift, a physical education and soccer teacher at San Pasqual High School. Swift loves to camp, backpack, hike, ski, watch family movies and cook with her daughter. Despite being a P.E teacher, Swift admits that she is a foodie and loves to frequently try new restaurants.

When Swift was newly married, she was living in Los Angeles but was looking into moving back to San Diego. Swift wanted to work with kids who were just like her growing up, for example with Latino minorities and low income communities. 

Swift then heard about this job through Edjoin, an online platform for teachers in 2007. She knew it was the perfect job for her. Swift knew that she could make a difference in kids’ lives. 

Swift had to change her career many times before finding the one she loved best. She would have tried law school if it wasn’t for having to substitute teach one day. That day changed her perspective on what she wanted for herself in the future. 

Swift then began to study to earn a teaching credential. This took her five years to complete – four years as an undergraduate and one year for the credential. 

Swift comments that some negatives in teaching would be that it can become monotonous when the end of the school year is near. Some students have not entered a mature mindset which can make teaching somewhat difficult. But Swift also mentions that working at San Pasqual has its positives like spending time with hilarious kids, building bonds where students feel like family, awesome co-workers, and being outdoors in nature all day.