Showcase of San Pasqual’s Ceramics Class

Austin Barrientos, Staff Writer

The picture above shows an Aztec mask that I created in Ceramics class at San Pasqual High School. The assignment was to create a mask that expressed us. I took the opportunity to make it a history and art assignment in the sense that my family is Mexican. This relates to the Aztecs because they dominated Northern Mexico in the 16th century before the Spanish conquered them. It wasn’t a nice transition; they were forced into a whole new tradition by the Spanish. Similar to the way that Native Americans were forced into new traditions and customs by the British. This was a fun project, but the history behind the piece is the story of its significance. Ceramics is an intriguing class. It allows for hands-on experiences and the environment is laid back. The two teachers leading the class are nice and always willing to help with any difficulties you may have.

The creator of this mask is unidentified; however, the assignment was to create a mask that was personal and unique to us. This person played with the idea of vision. The skeletal-like large sunken eye loops could signify a passing between life into death. The red rustic color is intriguing. It reminds me of an ancient artifact. The creator could be into history.

The large teeth and bulging eyes of this mask suggest “a mean side”. This mask could be inspired by an anime show,  The white pointy fangs indicate that this could be some sort of beast-human hybrid monster. The red and black color combination represents a scary intense feeling.

The white spiral mask that was done here was to represent a mixture of the light and the dark. The inspiration came from a character who has a similar mask in the TV show Naruto. The spirals represent the mixture of life and all the balances. The artist who didn’t want to be named said “it was a challenging mask yet it was worth it and they were satisfied with the result.”

The creator of this mask is unidentified. The overall purpose of this mask is to show the nature that leaks through them. The teacher said that the person who created this mask is “more in tune with nature and what is around them.” 


Photo Credit: All photo credit goes to Austin Barrientos