A Win for Our Girl’s Wrestling Team


Photo Credit: Ricardo Moreno. Valeria Hernandez Tackling Opponent

Juliana McCormack, Staff Writer

The San Pasqual’s Girl’s Wrestling team are champions of “The Queen of the Jungle” Tournament, a match hosted by Escondido High School. From what we have gathered, this tournament is only a single step on their path to greatness. They plan to place into the CIF tournaments, and after that, Masters. And if they perform well at Masters, it will lead them to have the chance of competing at CIF State. Though it is more of an individual sport, the team comes together to practice more than just wrestling. Discipline and time management are crucial skills they practice in their everyday lives. We’ve interviewed one of their members to learn more about the team and what they have planned for the future.

Miranda Mateo, junior at SP, wrestles for both the junior varsity and varsity wrestling team. She plans on conditioning herself in preparation for future matches, specifically CIF and Masters. We’ve asked her to share some insight into the team.

“Much like any other sport, wrestling has its fair share of challenges,” Mateo said. “As a contact sport there is much risk involved, mentally and physically. It involves on and off season practice, practice during school breaks, and even weight management. As we were discussing this topic, she stressed the importance of practice, saying that it helps you grow in your skill and as a person. Your performance on the mat is a reflection of your comfortability in practice.”

“Wrestling is a sport that makes you feel strong and confident” Mateo added. “You’re always pushing yourself to do better and it teaches a lot…”

Valeria Hernandez, another member of the wrestling team and the only individual to make it to Masters, shares her thoughts on wrestling.

“I like wrestling because it is an independent sport,” Hernandez said. “You can compete on your own, yet it still does involve teamwork because you train with each other.”

Hernandez placed 5th in the Masters.

To those who are curious about wrestling, and to those who are interested in any sport, these words will speak to you:

“If you want to try wrestling, don’t be afraid, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable,” Mateo concluded.
“Sometimes you’ll lose, sometimes you’ll win. The whole point is to keep trying and not give up. When you give up, it tends to be noticeable on the mat. Practicing is important to get better, don’t just do the bare minimum, strive to do better and better. Ask for help if you need it, take care of yourself. Within time you’ll improve but it depends on how hard you work for it. The amount of work you put in shows on the mat.”