The Choice Between School and Club Sports

Nathan Eder, Staff Writer

Joseph Rios, a sophomore at San Pan Pasqual High School has been playing soccer for a couple of years now. Rios used to watch soccer as a kid and see players like Lionel Messi and da Silva Santos Neymar Jr scoring goals on the regular. He strived to be like them. 

Rios plays on the San Pasqual soccer team but prefers to play club. “I don’t plan on playing on the SP team anymore, I plan on playing club instead” says Rios. 

Rios values playing soccer for making connections with other players and challenging himself to maintain the effort that the game requires. “I love the brotherhood and the commitment it takes,” states Rios. 

Rios really enjoys soccer but it isn’t his main sport. He prefers football more than soccer. “I really like football, I think that it’s my favorite overall sport,” Rios said in response to the question: What other sports and activities do you like besides soccer? 

Although he likes soccer, Rios has been playing football for much longer. Rios enjoys the challenges he faces in football more than those posed by soccer. “I Really like that football is more intense and physically demanding than soccer,” reveals Rios. 

When he was asked, “Do you plan on playing after high school and what do you think you will bring to the table?” Rios replied “I plan on playing in college and I think that I can bring a very positive attitude and hard effort to the team.”