San Pasqual Varsity Season Analysis

JV soccer player, Ian Exline, presents his take on the San Pasqual Boys Varsity season.

Cristian Martinez, Staff Writer

Ian Exline explains Varsity’s success. “The varsity soccer team is doing great this season,” says Exline. “They have a great record of 4-0. There is a ton of individual talent and great coaching staff behind all of it. The amount of dedication that the team puts in is unmatched. What other teams do you know that practice on Christmas eve and Christmas day? They have been constantly at the top of their game for a couple of years now.” 

Based on what Exline explained, the Varsity Eagles Varsity Soccer Team is doing outstanding at the moment. The Eagles are looking like they are on track to have a great season again as they ended in first in the Palomar Soccer Standings last year. The Eagles currently host a 4 win streak which gives them a record of 4-0 in the league and holds them in 1st for the Palomar Soccer Standings

The team takes no days off and even has practices on holidays which truly shows their dedication to the game. Their hard work has been shown on the field this season. But, is there room for improvement? 

“The team is amazing all around with insane talent, however, the one point that the team has been lacking in is strikers,” says Exline. “Our attack has been slightly weak and we have been lacking that position.” Therefore, if they don’t lack in strikers the season’s outcomes success will be at its max potential. 

Then, do the Eagles have a chance to make the CIF? “Absolutely, I absolutely believe that the eagles will no doubt advance to CIF,” responds Exline. “I honestly think that they have a good chance at winning all of the CIF. Last year our team was unstoppable only losing in pks in the CIF finals. But again I think we give all of our credit to the hard work and the coaching staff.” 

Our Eagles look like they have a great chance to make CIF this season. With the amazing coaching staff and hard work that the great team puts in, they have a really good chance of advancing to CIF. 

Who is SP’s main scorer? “The main scorer is Alexis Aparacio, he has a crazy amount of goals,” says Exline. Alexis Aparacio is ranked 27th in California. Aparacio is really good at attacking the goal and being successful on the field. 

Does the defense need to improve?  Exline explained that we had two seniors last year that were really good center backs, and that when they left it was rough for awhile. But now they seem to have coped with it. They just need to have “solid center backs and the defense will be perfect and in full effect,” states Exline. 

And now the big question – who is going to be MVP of the season? ”I believe that Tanner Wrzeski will win an MVP award,” states Exline. “He had an absolutely insane performance last season, he carried us through most of CIF and out on a breathtaking display against St Augustine. He is a senior this year and will put on a show.” 

Wrzeski was recently interviewed by KUSI News. Proving,he has a lot of potential to receive the MVP award. Clearly, Wrzeski has a bright future ahead of him. 

In Exline’s opinion, the Varsity Eagles soccer team is looking to have another amazing season.