Senior Spotlight: Austin Barrientos

Barrientos’s last year with SPHS water polo


Picture taken by Gaileen Routenberg

Nathan Eder, Staff Writer

Austin Barrientos, a senior at San Pasqual High School, has been playing water polo for a couple of years now. He started off playing water polo back in his freshman year for the physical endurance of the sport and for the people that came with it. 

“I love the fitness aspect and the people I play with,” Barrientos replied when asked why he continues to play the sport. 

Barrientos is placed on varsity this year for the San Pasqual men’s water polo team. “I’m glad to be on varsity because the challenges help me get better and help me to be more grounded as a person,” Barrientos adds.

The main reason for his polo season is the stress relief that comes with it. “It makes my anxiety go away and helps me relax” states Barrientos. 

He is happy to be playing polo this year but not as excited as he will be when soccer comes around next season. “I definitely like soccer more,” Barrientos stated after being asked his favorite sport. 

He has been playing soccer longer than polo and states he is better at soccer than water polo. “I feel like I’m not good enough, and I feel like I’m better at soccer,” reveals Barrientos. 

When he was asked, “Why do you like soccer better than water polo?” Barrientos replied “I like soccer more because I’m better at it and everyone likes things that they are better at more than if they aren’t good at something.”