San Pasqual Volleyball Class, Get To Know Our Volleyball PE

Yadira Vigil, Staff Writer

San Pasqual High School allows students to take volleyball class as an elective. However, the class is only offered to upperclassmen. This lucky group of students gets to have all the fun outside of the classroom, while enhancing physical skills. 

Volleyball class is taught by Coach Nikki Gannon. Students with no experience are able to learn the skill of playing volleyball and try out a new hobby at the same time. If the students enjoy the class, they are able to try out for the volleyball team at San Pasqual High School.

“I took volleyball class as an elective in sophomore year,” said Adelina Lyars, a past student from SPHS. “I really enjoyed the sport. I tried out for the team in junior year. I was on the team for both my junior and senior years.” The class was her new favorite hobby.

The students start the class with simple warm ups. Then they start doing some volleyball activities. Lastly, they get to play a couple rounds of volleyball in teams. Students usually get to play up to six rounds of volleyball before the class is over. And sometimes students also run the track. Students are able to exercise and have fun while doing it. And the greatest reward is that they remain healthy. 

“I look forward to going to volleyball class,” said Natalia Beverly, a sophomore. “It’s a class I enjoy going to.”

“Volleyball class helps me to keep myself physically healthy,” adds Beverly.