Soccer Class: A better option to get that PE credit out of the way

Karla Santos, Staff Writer

Do you enjoy playing sports, especially during your school day? Here at San Pasqual High School, they give students the opportunity to do sports for PE credits. Students can do what they enjoy while earning credit for graduation.

Playing sports during school hours helps students to feel better about themselves. It gives them something to look forward to doing during the school day. 

A student at San Pasqual High School, Hope Ruvalcaba, talks about her experience in a soccer class. “Soccer makes me overflow with happiness,” says Ruvalcaba. She is excited to come to school because of how joyous she feels during that class. 

One may wonder why it makes students feel this way. Why may it be that students enjoy the fact that they are able to play sports? 

“What is most exciting is being able to enjoy myself and not be in a classroom doing constant work,” says Ruvalcaba. Students don’t have to do things they don’t enjoy throughout the day, like sitting in class. They have the ability to do what is considered school work, as they have fun. 

Even as a sport, soccer teaches students more than just the sport itself. It takes more than knowing the sport, such as what position is what. Students learn how to be team players and collaborate together. 

“It teaches me how to get closer to people and bond with my teammates,” adds Ruvalcaba. This brings students closer to each other throughout the school. They are able to learn specific social skills that they may not be exposed to in math class, for instance. 

It also gives students the realization of different things that they might have not wondered about before. Especially if trying new things is something they wouldn’t do. 

Ruvalcaba talks about how soccer class gives her motivation. “I feel like the sport does give me the motivation to try new things because it’s something I didn’t have the chance to try in middle school, so it gives me a chance to try them now.” 

Overall, soccer class is a benefit for students in many ways. Ways that include doing what they enjoy, not only being in a class all day, learning how to communicate, and trying things they wouldn’t have tried had they not been given the opportunity.