The Soaring Eagles Upcoming Soccer Season

Isaac Kohlmeier, Staff Writer

After a year and a half of Covid preventing students and other audiences from watching the soccer games, San Pasqual is very eager for their upcoming soccer season. Especially with them coming off a great season during covid with a winning record of 13-4-1 in Division 1, and then another winning record of 7-2-1 in the Palomar League.

San Pasqual’s soccer team is looking very promising this year. Sophomore soccer player Ian Exline explains,

“I feel very good about this upcoming season, and I believe that our team is doing everything they can to prepare for this upcoming season.” 

This shows how motivated the players and coaches are for next season, which is a good indicator of yet another winning season for our fighting eagles. Exline goes into even further detail explaining how the coaches are working on trying to perfect their offensive plays to better attack the opposing teams. 

Although there have been some minor setbacks for our fighting eagles since last season, these setbacks include losing some key players who were seniors and were also adjusting to having a larger audience since they’ve been without it for a whole year. Exline states,

They will pull up a lot of the better JV players to replace some of the seniors, Luckily SP has a lot of really good JV players to fill in. Also, the increase in people in the stands shouldn’t be too much of a problem because most of the players are already used to playing in larger crowds.”

All in all, after a year of covid and a shortened season for soccer our fighting eagles are back and better than ever. I can’t wait to see what is in store for next season.