One Student’s Take On Water polo

Austin Barrientos, Staff Writer

Nathan Eder, a senior at San Pasqual High School, first played water polo when he was ten years old. He was intrigued by how unique it was. He found out about the sport due to his older brother playing. He had struggles choosing which cap number he wanted to be. 

Eder found his lucky number at a young age because he was always randomly assigned that number in school and when he used that number to gamble, he would win. His lucky number is the number eight, which surprisingly is his water polo cap number as well. Eder concluded that he was simply destined to play the sport. 

Eder talks about what motivated him to play water polo. “My older brothers played and it made me curious about what the sport was about,” stated Eder. “Water polo keeps me in shape and I won’t be able to play in my later years” 

Water polo is considered the most physically challenging Olympic sport. There is a reason why water polo players stay so fit. 

Eder admits that he doesn’t watch the sport professionally; however, he does watch some highlights of the sport because it shows him the possibility of what you could do as a player. He views water polo as a gateway for relieving stress from his personal life.