San Pasqual’s Swim & Dive Team

Alyssa Garcia, Staff Writer

Water polo isn’t the only water sport that San Pasqual High School offers its students.

The swim & dive team tryouts took place on February 4. Swim and dive is among the seven spring sports that have started this year. Senior, varsity swimmer, and team captain for the girls swim team Isabella Pulido described the season since its start and discussed the goals that she has for the rest of the 2019 swim season.

“The season has been really fun so far. I think we’ve all become really close, I mean all the coaches have crocs this season, so that’s pretty funny and everyone’s really supportive of each other, there’s a lot more cheering than last year. I think our team is just really tightly-knit, I mean we do dry land practices right before practice, everyone just has a really good time, everyone’s always joking around and having fun at practice, but they’re also working really hard,” Pulido said. “I think there’s also a new mental attitude, I think everyone just wants to work together to help the whole team, instead of just thinking about their own personal goals, they’re thinking about the team as a whole, so I think we’re going to have a really successful season. Our first league meet is Thursday, but in preseason, we’ve done really well and we won a majority of our meets, so it’s been good.”

The first swim and dive meet took place on Friday, February 22, 2019, which Pulido and senior/ star diver Jacob Rewa, recap to the best of their ability.

“Our first meet, we won against Mission Hills. Everyone swam really well, some kids got CIF automatic times, which is really cool. I think we came in first in a majority of the events, we also won a couple of the relays, they did really well. Overall pretty successful meet, especially for our first one.” Pulido said.

“The first meet, (for) all the new divers, it was their very first meet. They did really well, and personally, I qualified for CIF” Rewa said.

CIF is the California Interscholastic Federation championships, a goal that most sports teams practice and work hard towards so they can qualify during games and meets throughout the season.

“So far this season, we got a new dive coach, which is great for our team, for practicing obviously. I’d say all of the new divers have been working really hard and I’ve been ramping up my DD (difficulty of a dive) to get ready for CIF,” Rewa said.