Basketball Starts League Stretch of Their Season

Sophia Rodriguez, Staff Writer

San Pasqual High School’s basketball teams have kicked off their kicked off their league season and are looking for a strong finish.

After being in preseason for about two months, San Pasqual High School is fully equipped to win. Currently in league, the varsity girls are up to four wins and two losses and the varsity boys are at three wins and three losses, as of their last games on January 25th.

These varsity teams started in November, but it seems that they’ve each been fully prepared when it comes to what to expect this season.

“As a team, the preseason games really helped us get prepared and it was really good to watch and see a different point of view, at least from a coaching standpoint,” said junior Acacia Denton, girls varsity basketball player.

Denton actually did not start playing basketball on the team until the day after Christmas because of the CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) rules since she just transferred to San Pasqual High School from Rancho Bernardo High School. Since league does count more according to a team’s ranking in CIF, it’s understandable that the games might give the players a bit more pressure than normal.

“There’s definitely more people at the games and [it] counts more for each game,” said sophomore Mason McCreary, boys varsity basketball player.

Since many people come to support San Pasqual High School’s teams, the players that are being watched could feel pressured or be hard on themselves since so many people are watching. That said, while sports may come with pressure, most feel it definitely rewards the athletes with success.

“Our team is really close, so I think the fact that we’re all there for each other and playing for one another makes you want to keep working hard and not giving up,” said Denton.

Sports can also teach us how to bond with people that you’ll be spending a lot of time around. It’s a great experience to have in high school and it’s good to make the most of it now. In the end, the Eagles basketball teams are making the best of their time together and can’t wait to win some more games in the near future.