Water Polo is More Than Just a Sport; It’s a Connection

Angela Hernandez, Staff Writer

This year’s girls water polo team has brought many of the girls together with the success they have had for San Pasqual High School.

To give more insight on how the season has been playing out along with more details about the team, two varsity senior water polo girls, Kaitlyn Sanger and Megan Fiske, shared their inside look on how the years of water polo has been this year.

Sanger and Fiske started water polo in their freshman year and they have come far in the past four years. In fact, they have both been playing together since they were kids.

“The coach wanted me to play,” said Sanger.  So they decided to take his advice and ended up in varsity their senior year which is a really big accomplishment.

The girls love being in water polo, as the people you meet become new friends.

“You meet a lot of new people,” said Sanger.

Meeting new people while playing a fun sport with new and old friends leads to many fun moments during water polo… memories that last a lifetime.

Water polo also helps you stay healthy.

“It gets you in really good form,” said Fiske. Water polo helps you stay in shape and just makes you a healthier person. The good thing about water polo is that it is for everyone. You can become a better player with just a little bit of practice. It becomes such a big sport in your life.

San Pasqual High School’s water polo team is very respected. This beneficial sport not only leaves great memories and helps students to stay fit, but can be something fun for them to do with their friends as well. Students who would love these amazing experiences are encouraged to try out for water polo next year.