Receive help with getting a job

With keeping up with homework, clubs, and sports, there seems to be little time to get a job these days.

Elizabeth Rivera, Staff Writer

With keeping up with homework, clubs, and sports, there seems to be little time to get a job these days.

Many students may not know where to start, but they are in luck. While it can be hard for many to get a job with little work experience, at San Pasqual High School, there will always be help that prepares students for a future job. 

San Pasqual’s college and career technician Karen Villavicencio is available to help students start their process of getting a job. She also provides help for college preparation. 

“I assist students with college and career readiness, whether it’s applying for college or a job preparing for an interview,” said Villavicencio. 

To start off on getting a job, students usually need a work permit if they are under the age of 18, due to state restrictions on working hours. 

“It depends on the place; sometimes they hire only 16 years and up,” said Villavicencio. 

Villavicencio encourages students to look for a job that allows them to learn and gain experience that can lead to a new set of skills in any work environment. 

“Retail, anything customer service, and food industry; because that really helps you prepare for any other job after that,” said Villavicencio. 

To proceed with the process of getting a job, it is recommended to have a resume at least started or even finished. Villavicencio has had students come in asking for help with resumes and interview preparation. 

“I always say keep it one page,” said Villavicencio. “No complete sentences, and try your hardest to sell yourself on paper.”

She stresses the importance of including any awards or honors in order to boost one’s resume.

“Add any achievements as much as possible and make yourself look like the best person for the job,” said Villavicencio. 

As for preparing for an interview, Villavicencio does trials of what an interview may be like when students need a run through and help with answering questions. 

“I have a list of interview questions here, so if they come in and need to prep I can pull it out and we’ll do a mock and see how they’re answering the questions with confidence,” said Villavicencio.

When it comes to an actual interview, it is said that first impressions matter, from dressing accordingly to being on time. 

“You just need to show up dressed appropriately, be on time and [it] helps to have a copy of your resume,” said Villavicencio. 

Students should try to have confidence when applying for a job and not be discouraged if they don’t get the job.

“Don’t be nervous, everyone has a first time, everyone you see that has a job now has had a first interview, a first job application,” said Villavicencio. 

Getting a job isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but the process doesn’t have to be hard. Students can ask for assistance from Villavicencio at the career center if needed. 

Her doors are always open before school, during lunch, and breaks. It is also much easier and helpful to set up an appointment or email over the weekend if students need to go during class. 

“Put yourself out there and don’t be afraid, just be yourself; your most professional self,” said Villavicencio.