Is AVID For You?

College prep class offered at San Pasqual High School


Students and teacher of the AVID class come together for a smiling photo.

Karina Ramos, News Editor

Want to go to college? Don’t know the steps that you will need to take? Need help finding the proper college for yourself? The Advancement Via Individual Determination class has the answers.

AVID is a college prep class offered at San Pasqual High School that guides every second and moment towards college careers. It’s available to all grade levels and, in each year of the class, students benefit from not only college help, but note-taking skills and a structured environment to succeed in school.

“It’s a class for you if you’re interested in going to college, if your passion or desire is to get a college education… whatever you want to do you can do it by going to college,” AVID teacher Carol Byrnes said.

The course has its guidelines and requirements to follow, but only because it is meant to push yourself to achieve your best.

“Freshman, sophomore, and junior year, you work on looking at what colleges you want to go to [and] what you want to study. It’s really a class that focuses on your goals in life,” AVID club president, senior Stephanie Mondragon said.

The class will prepare you in ways that not many other classes will.

“AVID means potential, AVID means hard work, and AVID means determination, persistence, and joy,” Byrnes said.

The process of college begins your first year in high school. You may not know where you want to go or what you want to do just yet, but as soon as you begin high school, the talk of your future begins.