High School Besties And Their Experience

A Group Of Seniors And Their Long Lived Friendship At San Pasqual


Sabrina Smith, Kathy Zamora, Karina Ramos, and Maggie Hernandez were captured taking Prom pictures for the 2017-2018 school year

Keyana Leso and Meghan Molyneaux

Here at San Pasqual High School, students develop many relationships and friendships.

Seniors Karina Ramos, Sabrina Smith, Kathy Zamora, and Maggie Hernandez have bonded and become best friends after meeting in freshman physical education.

Without each other, they say, their high school experience would be much different and definitely not as exciting. They’ve created many memories together as an unbreakable bond, all of which are unforgettable.

“There’s never a dull moment,” Hernandez said.

San Pasqual gives you the opportunity to make new friends that will be the best of friends in your life. Not only have the four been supportive of each other throughout their high school careers, but they push each other to reach aspirations outside of high school, such as college. The girls constantly assist to inspire one another while supporting their goals.

“We are all trying to go to college and that’s kind of rare; like, you go to high school and a bunch of people just don’t want to go to college, but we are four people that want to go to college and we are people that push each other, too,” Zamora said.

The support of friends in any activity is often desired in order to succeed. San Pasqual activities also help give student body members many opportunities to experience and gain such friends.

High school is full of new experiences, and one of the best parts is the friends you share those experiences with. At San Pasqual, four girls have proven this to be true.