All You Need To Know About The Nest

San Pasqual’s Rowdy Crowd and What It’s All About


San Pasqual ASB

San Pasqual High School students at the nest during the homecoming football game

Taylor Ellison, Opinion Editor

Looking for new ways to get connected to San Pasqual? Look no further than the bleachers at our stadium. The Nest is an exciting aspect of San Pasqual High School at every football game.

San Pasqual High School is a pool of vastly different people. Cultures, hobbies, and friends… there is not one group that is not represented on this campus. The Nest is a place where everyone gathers and unites together for one common goal: to have fun. The Nest is SPHS’s rowdy crowd, known for their loud chants, crazy theme nights, and for encouraging the team.

“We want to create a fun atmosphere at games as well as to bring people together at games to show them what its about,” Associated Student Body member Gabriel Macedo said.

The Nest plays a big role on campus and has more meaning than just to cheer on the team. It shows other schools what SPHS is all about and how much our student body cares.

“It’s important because I think it shows our school pride and it shows that each of us is proud to be an Eagle,” senior Lauren Leisten said.

The main purpose of the rowdy crowd is to enjoy the game and encourage the football team to do their best. It is a way of getting involved that doesn’t have anything to do with athletic ability, but that still impacts the outcome of the games.

Leisten said herself that she was a little apprehensive to joining The Nest freshman year, and knows it might be intimidating to some of the underclassmen, but The Nest welcomes everyone from all spectrums of high school.

“Honestly, don’t be scared. I think a lot of people in The Nest want more people there, so I think the more people the merrier. It’s important to have a lot of people there supporting SP,” Leisten said.

As the years go by here, students build connections, make memories and get to experience all these aspects, like The Nest, that you might not find at an average high school.

“I look forward to going to a football game and being in the rowdy crowd with all that energy,” Leisten said.

Though The Nest can get jam-packed at times, there will always be more room. Being elbow to elbow with the people next to you is part of the experience. It’s how Eagles bond and create the fun family-like atmosphere The Nest is today.

“Honestly… go in The Nest! We need more people,” Leisten said.

Anyone interested in going to The Nest that would like to get more involved and get updates on all the cool events and theme nights that come with being in the rowdy crowd should check out their platforms.

“The Nest is at the football games, but you can be more involved by following them on social media @spthenest,” Macedo said. “That’s their Instagram, where we post all the announcements and themes for that game.”