Homecoming 2021

The first homecoming at San Pasqual after a year of online learning and a worldwide pandemic.


Madison Bringas, Staff Writer

2020 was a difficult year for students of all ages.The pandemic of Covid-19 limited schools’ ability to have normal activities for their students. After a long wait, the 2021 school year is bringing back homecoming. But will homecoming be the same as the students remember? Will it meet their expectations of their first homecoming back from the pandemic? Let’s find out.

The homecoming theme this year was “Night Life.” The spirit days consisted of beach day Monday, tie dye Tuesday, western Wednesday, throwback Thursday, and neon Friday. 

“Personally I liked all of the spirit days. I loved tie-dye tuesday. Western Wednesday probably wasn’t my favorite. I probably would have switched that one. But the throwback Thursday was my favorite one,” said Regan Kelley, a San Pasqual High School ASB member. “Everyone had a lot of fun. And neon – everyone went all out!” 

This was the second spirit week of the school year. More students participated in the homecoming spirit week compared to the first one of the year. 

The homecoming game followed Friday night where our fighting eagle football team played San Marcos. Then finally came Saturday night. Kelley was in the decoration committee. Part of her job was to decorate the dance. The dance took place on the blacktop. It was decorated with neon lights, balloons, streamers, and confetti. All the chairs were white or lit up neon.The DJ shined colorful bright lasers on the crowd. Kelley says the best part of homecoming night was the photo booth. 

“Again, everyone had a lot of fun.” Kelley added. “I think spirit week went really well. I think that there could be some things improved at the dance but I think in general it was a good week, I liked it.”

Although Kelley says she had an amazing night and overall week, was that true for everyone? We asked Kelley what feedback ASB received.

“I heard a lot of positive feedback about the spirit week we had but at the dance, I know people weren’t exactly pleased with the DJ; that is something we can improve upon for the next dance,” Kelley said. 

So there you have it. Homecoming 2021 was a success! ASB is planning to improve based on the feedback they received for the next spirit week and dance. After the covid year, everyone was pleased to have a sense of normality back to this school year.