Back to Summer

Summer is starting to feel like normal, but what is there to do?

Anastasia Evans, Editor

Summer has finally arrived after fourteen months of quarantine, but many are now asking themselves, “what do I do now?”  To answer that question simply, there is plenty to do, from surfing, to gaming, and everything in between, the possibilities are endless.

Since many people were unable to see relatives over the course of the past year, visiting relatives turned into a large event. Grandparents finally get the chance to see their small grandchildren outside of a computer screen. Families are finally reunited and have the ability to hug one another again. 

“One of the most important events I’m looking forward to is being able to hang out with the ones that matter the most,” says Miguel Soto, a fellow student at San Pasqual High School.

Playing sports during the summer heat is also a popular way to enjoy the season. Some students, like Brenden Albert who is a football player on San Pasqual’s team, will coach a youth football team this summer. Other people may also prefer to simply pick any physically engaging activity and have fun with it. Take for example skateboarding, surfing, or riding a bike. Learning something completely new is always a fun option as well.

Some have missed their family, and others have their love for sports to keep them occupied. Others can’t wait to pick up their favorite instrument after a long and tiring year of schoolwork. 

“I’m probably going to practice more with my band and see if we can play any gigs” says Angel Cushman, another student at SPHS. Lincoln Zdunich, an incoming sophomore, also has a hobby of playing an instrument; the piano.

Maybe consider getting a job this summer. The College and Career Center has many resources for students. And if you need a work permit, they can help you with that too. 

While all of these people definitely have their hands full with their passions, hobbies, and work there are those that prefer to spend their time on the couch, snacking, and watching an intriguing Netflix show. But, if you spend all your time watching TV shows and movies, the summer season will flash by, and before you know it, students will be back in school. Go out and do all that there is to do, and all that there is to see while there is still time. Pick up that instrument you’ve been dying to learn, the sport you’ve always wanted to play with your friends, or the one book you’ve never gotten to read. Summer is finally in full swing!