A Stepping Stone For Teens Seeking Employment

References and resources to assist teens looking to join the workforce


SPHS college and career center

There are no limitations when it comes to searching for a job when you are in high school and have no work experience. Apply and be confident and have a positive mindset going into your interview, and then you will be guaranteed success.

Natalie Price, Editor

In today’s day and age, it can be hard to be successful when one has little to no experience. Yet, no one has properly informed our teens on how to build the experience that’ll be needed in the future. Fortunately teens secretly have the upper-hand.


Nobody knows technology better than teens and no one understands Zoom better than students. Making job searches, hiring fairs, and interviews second nature to high school students. High schoolers have the skills, they just don’t know that they need to use them. 


Even before this global pandemic, society was moving towards an online world. Pre-March 2020 there was already an app or website for anything one could think of. For those ready to begin the application process, start your resume. Google Docs has several free resume formats readily available for anyone to fill in their information.  


Once your resume is complete the next step is to begin the job search. There are millions of job search engines available to anyone willing to work. Just to list a few; Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Simply Hired, and Glassdoor. The majority of these sites only require a name, age, and city. Then one simply attaches their resume and any other useful information and can view the numerous jobs available in their area. A good plan may just be to apply to as many jobs as possible and wait to see who’s interested in hiring a part-time student.


Businesses could begin reaching out as early as the same day an application was submitted, so be on the lookout. For someone new to the job interview experience, communicating with a business can be intimidating. If one is at a loss, a great idea could be to simply fake it till you make it. Act professional even if one has never had a profession. Dress for the part that is desired.  


Asa Nichols, a junior at San Pasqual High School, began working at Suzy Q’s Diner at the end of freshman year. He had a leg up in the hiring experience because he had an older sister connect him with the manager. Throughout the interview, the manager walked Asa through possible situations he’d experience at work. He was also asked to submit a resume but being a high schooler with little experience the business happily accepted just his personal information. 


“It only took 3 days after the interview until I got to work a shift and the only qualification I needed was a school work permit,” explains Nichols.


Nichols’ story proves that it is not scary to seek out employment as a high-schooler as one might think. With the simple tips included in this article, there’s no need to hesitate. If one would like to build experience and become employed the best piece of advice is to get up and get a job. Don’t hesitate and don’t be intimidated. One will become a better person as they join the workforce. By building experience and confidence you are guaranteed success.