Sun, warmth, & growth

Hunter Barry, Managing Editor


I stared at the sun today

Cherishing the beauty and all she is

Her smile brought me warmth

Her touch kindled a sensation

I stared at the sun today

Maybe blinding my eyes, still couldn’t look away

Brightening up my day and others around

Left with darkness when she comes down

I stared at the sun today

Reminiscing all the memories we shared

To bathing on the beach

And dancing in the sea

I stared at sun today

And it was the most beautiful thing, I have ever seen






Call me, even in your dreams

Call me every night before you sleep

Between every wish and every dream

When the rain falls down and you’re no longer around

Call me even if you want to be quiet and not make a sound

You always know where you can find me

Right there beside you, I’ll always be

Even though we’re apart we will never be far

Please never forget you’re my favorite star



Appreciative of the broken

No one will understand the ways you made me grow

Or in fact the words to you I wrote

Except you, my love

And that I know





There stood a golden blonde daisy

Yet even though she was bruised and bent

She was still beautiful, perfect and magnificent

I stood there gazing upon her till my eyesight became hazy

You might think i sound a little crazy

From the words I’m saying but she was perfectly imperfect

I couldn’t help myself but to stare at her beauty

She had bruises and scars on her stem

And I hope to hear the stories of them

Her pedals were picked by people’s unkindness..

And it made her self conscious

But darling she was a wildflower

And in my eyes she was flawless




                                                                                               Let the poem speak


Lust divided by two, times zero, equals nothing

We all have different interpretations , trust me

Not everything I say means something

Don’t try to find a literal meaning

Just to please yourself, simply let it be