Cruisin’ Grand

The annual vintage car show comes back to Escondido this summer.

Meghan Molyneaux, Editor

June 18, 2021 Cruisin’ Grand comes back to Escondido’s Grand Avenue after two years. Cruisin’ Grand is a vintage car show that occurs over summer annually. It is a place for family and friends of all ages to get together, participate in fun activities, bring their cars for show, and maybe get a bite to eat. The event pays special attention to keeping Escondido tradition alive every Friday night of the summer.

“I have been going my whole life, we have always brought a car… We have so many traditions that we do when we are there. My dad’s friends would always set up a little picnic. There are so many activities there,” says Emily Stanger, senior at San Pasqual High School.

Stanger has missed her favorite town tradition since it has been canceled for the past year due to the pandemic. Escondido’s citizens are excited to see everything go back to normal. 

“I miss going–seeing all the cars, seeing everyone having fun, seeing the little kids trying to hula hoop, and people admiring my dad’s car [1968 Bullitt Mustang] whenever he brings it,” adds Stanger. 

Cruisin’ Grand means a lot to the citizens of Escondido, as it has been around through generations it provides a sense of community and nostalgia for some. 

Grand Avenue has been through many renovations throughout the year and has opened up new restaurants. The town’s plans have been to mimic Gaslamp district with a more modern style. During quarantine Grand finished recreating the abandoned movie theater, giving the area an even larger appeal. 

“It’s a place to get people together. It’s an annual Friday thing, everyone looks forward to it. Every corner you turn, there is something exciting going on. It is Escondido’s Disneyland!” says Stanger.

Living in North County means being far away from the crowd. Cruisin’ Grand brings the crowd right to Escondido. With tons of people to meet, cars to admire, and dinner favorites–June 18th is calling your name!