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Sexual Assault and How it Affects Students

Students banning together to stand up against sexual assault.

Students banning together to stand up against sexual assault.

Students banning together to stand up against sexual assault.

Caden Britt and Alyssa Garcia

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Brett Kavanaugh, newly elected Supreme Court member has rape allegations on his hands and people are outraged at the fact of putting him in one of the highest positions of power. Sexual assault is something many high school students struggle with and it is a long lasting issue with the victims.

Schools are taking action on providing knowledge about healthy relationships and how to get proper consent. Such as starting support groups and clubs like Students Against Sexual Harassment and Assault, here at San Pasqual High School. The SASHA club sets aside political beliefs and just believes on having a stable support group. Even if you aren’t a sexual assault victim you can attend the club meeting to show support or receive advice.

“I leave all political beliefs out so everyone feels welcome,” President of the SASHA club Tori Levier said.

Many people claim that timeliness of report on sexual assault cases should affect the level of consequence on the perpetrator and that is one of the biggest arguments used against Dr. Ford, the victim who was allegedly sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh at a party, and waited 36 years to inform people about her experience.

 “Timeliness should not apply to punishment,”  Levier said. “People say that what guys or girls do in high school shouldn’t have to live with them for the rest of their life, but the thing is that it does live with the girls/boys that it happened to; so whoever the victims or survivors are they have to live with it for the rest of their life.”

Once the victim has enough courage to come out they are still very fearful of being denied credibility. All schools should have an outlet for kids to receive emotional support.

“It’s not some guilty thing they can just forget about,” Levier said. “It’s a shame they have for the rest of their life.” 

The majority of sexual assault cases happens to teens and young adults. People say that these cases can ruin the future of the teens who committed these heinous acts, what people do not realize is the everlasting guilt and trauma that stays.

“Teachers are good to go to, but they are mandated by law to notify someone which can be really scary for the victim,” Levier said.

Enabling clubs like SASHA in schools gives a support system to adolescents and a secure place to receive help.

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Sexual Assault and How it Affects Students