Student Opinions About Our Campus Post-Covid Distance Learning

Michelle Castro, Staff Writer

There are many perspectives at San Pasqual High School. I interviewed two students from SPHS, Kevin Ramos and Cassandra Cervantes, to give us the inside scoop on what our school means to them. 

When asked about his favorite class, Ramos shared some captivating thoughts. “I like math because I like playing around with numbers and seeing how far my intelligence can go,” commented Ramos. 

Very few people say they enjoy math, especially after a year of distance learning where it was very difficult to find additional support for classes such as math. Most people learn better in person and have trouble picking up new subjects.  

SPHS drastically changed the schedule this year. Most students at SPHS find it confusing and difficult. What makes it so difficult is that the school has added embedded support, which is a 30-minute addition to the schedule. This time is meant for homework or late work completion, similar to a study haul. 

“It’s too difficult to understand. I like the old one better. It was simple, it was the same thing every week,” said Ramos. I personally find embedded support a waste of time and not useful, because those 30 mins could be used in a different way other than having us stay in school,” commented Ramos. 

SPHS also changed the start time of school this year to 8:30 am. Students are torn on their opinion of this new time. “I think the start time is fine as it is right now, we shouldn’t change anything about it,” said Ramos. 

Cervantes thinks differently. “I think we should start earlier so we can get out earlier,” said Cervantes. “So we could have more time for ourselves. Some people have their jobs and sports so they would want time before to relax.” 

Since the return to physical school from an online school, there has been a push for more after-school tutoring programs, such as through SOAR. But, do students actually feel supported? Are teachers providing help?  “Yes, teachers provide help, they have tutoring after school. I know some who are difficult to work with, and need extra help,” stated Ramos.  

Another new aspect to the SPHS campus this year is the Covid procedures. Students have varying opinions on this topic as well. “I think the Covid procedures are really good, but I believe if a student is exposed to someone with Covid, even if they have a vaccine they should be getting 2 weeks off as well,” said Cervantes. 

Cervantes believes that the same stay-at-home policy should be enforced for both students who are non-vaccinated and students who are vaccinated. 

Another essential element of every school is lunch. Curious to know what others thought about the food sold at school, I ventured to ask their thoughts. “Lunch could be better. They look kinda gross. Personally I wouldn’t get them because they look nasty. Plus the line is so long; by the time you get your lunch, lunch is almost over,” said Cervantes. 

And finally, I was interested to know what students thought about the overall look of our campus. “I think it looks fine. It looks like an average school except with maybe more chairs/tables around campus,” said Cervantes.