San Pasqual High School Undergoes Physical Changes to its Campus

Jack Torello, Managing Editor

San Pasqual High School seems to be receiving renovations. The age-old educational institution is currently inheriting changes in an attempt to embellish the grounds for years to come with the addition of the latest project consisting of a garden and the inclusion of new water fountains for the students to appreciate. The grounds of the school have already been altered in preparation for the garden and minor transformations have been started for the water fountains installations. Students around the school have noticed the visible differences regarding the alternating but have shared mixed opinions. Vanessa Venegas, a junior at San Pasqual, voiced her initial thoughts on the construction of the newest extensions. 

“I believe that it’s a good thing. It’s going to bring better installations for our campus which will benefit the students. I also think the addition of the garden to our school is a really great idea that is going to bring joy to people. It will help our school out by just making it look more presentable. There are some great benefits for students, because not only do you have something nice to look at while you are on campus, but you can also help construct it and get community service out of it.”

Venegas was also open about her personal beliefs for future changes inside the school. 

“The only other thing that I would want to be changed or fixed are probably our bathrooms. We have a lot of stalls and at least three sinks, however only a few of those are fully functioning in each bathroom,” stated Venegas.

Not only does the construction of gardens and water fountains benefit the school itself, but it also shows promising opportunities for the future of San Pasqual and the interactive community that has been created over the years. These projects only add to the positive culture of the school.