What is and isn’t feminism

Feminism is seen as a lot of things, and often not the right ones. 

Dubrasca Torres, Staff Writer

Feminism is seen as a lot of things, and often not the right ones. 

Feminism is meant for women to stand equally next to men and to reach equality in both sexes politically, economically, and socially.

“I think feminism should be exactly what it stands for,” said freshman Veronica Brown. “(This is) Equality for women of all sizes.”

However, Brown doesn’t quite title herself as a feminist. Eighth grader Melissa Ortiz, a student at Del Dios Middle School, explains what she thinks feminism is.

“I think it’s both women and men coming together as one,” she said.

What isn’t feminism? Many people have turned feminism into the belief that women are greater than men, which is a false meaning. Brown shares her view on what she thinks feminism should not be classified as.

“Feminism is not and should not be an anti-man movement,” she said. 

Ortiz shared a similar comment about feminism.

“It’s not women overpowering men,” she said.

They both would be right. Being a feminist supports both sexes equally, not as one over the other. This means having men and women come together and not declare war on the other gender. This is a common mistake people make.

Feminism is about having both males and females equal as one in social, economic, and political views, and that is the goal that feminists are trying to achieve.

Photo by Matteo Paganelli on unsplash.com