Students Need To Stop Creating Drama

April Cortez, Staff Writer

Don’t you hate when people are all up in your business? Students at San Pasqual High School don’t like to get involved with drama. It can take a big risk of hurting others as well as spreading rumors about friends or families that aren’t true. “I don’t think people should fight over drama. Drama is made from rumors, so why fight over that?” sophomore Natalie Castillo said, explaining her thoughts on drama being spread and how she tries to stay away from it.

Castillo also doesn’t like to be surrounded by people who get involved with drama, and she tries to stay out of it.

“I try not to hang around those people because I don’t think its right to get involved in other people’s business,” Castillo said.

Castillo explains how she doesn’t hang out with people like that because it’s not right to mind other people’s business. People should always mind they own business.

She explains how she hasn’t had drama with anyone but, if she did, she hopes her friends don’t make it worse or make a bigger deal about it.

“I have never experienced drama with anyone, but I would like to believe that my friends wouldn’t make it worse,” Castillo said.

“I don’t think violence is the answer or anything. If anything, I believe that violence isn’t the answer to anything… violence makes everything worse instead of fixing them,” Castillo said.