Is Homework Hurting Students More Than It’s Helping?

Is Homework Necessary?


Homework, studying and much more as San Pasqual students prepare for finals.

Shane Henton, Staff Writer

Is homework necessary? This is an age old question that students, teachers, and parents have constantly asked for decades. In recent years, the amount of homework that teachers assign to students every day has increased and with it, the amount of stress students carry, including students at San Pasqual High School.

According to, “56% of students considered homework a primary source of stress.”

The same students who reported this fact also stated that the amount of homework they are assigned causes them sleep deprivation and some other health problems. The point of homework is to learn the subject or reinforce what you have already learned, not to cause stress and anxiety.

According to, “Teens say they experience stress levels higher than those reported by adults.”   

Plus, it’s not just homework that everyday teens have to deal with; they also have to worry about sports, tests, community service requirements and applying for college. With hours of homework every night added on top of that, it’s enough to stress anyone out, especially teenagers.

Junior at San Pasqual Mark Cerullo said, “In some cases [homework is needed] to learn the material you need to learn, but I don’t agree with the busy work kind of thing.”  

If so many people disagree with unnecessary busywork, and studies show that it causes problems for teens, why do teachers give it, especially excessive amounts that students don’t need to learn the material?

According to Azad Azargushasb, a junior at San Pasqual High School who takes 6 AP Classes, “I think homework in general should be given in classes, but excessive homework can be very stressful for students. I think teachers need to understand students have other classes.”

What it all boils down to is that homework does have many benefits; however, in this day and age, teachers and parents expect way too much out of students, and need to understand that they have a life outside of school.