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Halloween Spirit Week At San Pasqual

Alyssa Garcia and Lucia Ayala

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The Associated Student Body representatives at San Pasqual High School are creating a new theme for spirit week, occurring the week leading up to and following Halloween, October 29 through November 2.

ASB wants all the students at SP to have fun and bring spirit to the school. All of the students at SP can join in on spirit week by participating, so get ready to scream and don’t forget to dress up for spirit week; you will be SPOOKED!

Sophomore and editor of SPUtube Kiana Gonzalez, explained the process of developing a theme for spirit week.

“The head commissioners of spirit week come up with ideas, then they present them to the class,” Gonzalez said.

Following that, they have a  group discussion until they come to one unified decision for the theme of spirit week. It also then takes around three days to finalize what they’re going to do for a spirit week.

“There will be no SPUtube this week, but we will be creating a video to show to classes, and we’ll be making posters too,” Gonzalez said.

Though it may seem well put together, there are some challenges that ASB faces while developing ideas for spirit week.

“[Some of the challenges are] whether or not people would participate and/or whether or not it will be cheesy.” Gonzalez said.

The head commissioner of spirit, Ashley Gonzalez, and her team, take a lot of time out of their days to brainstorm ideas for spirit weeks. 

“When we all come to an agreement, that’s when we all start getting ready to share our spirit week, Gonzalez said. “Overall it all depends on how fast we work.” 

Some examples of the spirit days for the week following Halloween are vine/meme day which is on Monday, spooky Wednesday, and haunted blue and gold on Friday.

Although Gonzalez and her team face some challenges along the way, they try their best to create a week full of new and fun memories at SP.

Gonzalez became head commissioner of spirit because she wanted to bring the school closer together and make fun events for the students.

“[I wanted to do this because I want to] unify the school and make school enjoyable and have students look forward to attending school.” Gonzalez said.

With that being said, if you want to participate in spirit week, or just want some extra credit, spread the word, keeping in mind the couple of rules that teachers want students at SP to follow: there should be no masks, no fake weapons, and no blood.

“The purpose of spirit week at San Pasqual is to bring spirit to the school, and at the end of the day, bring the school together,” Gonzalez said.

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Halloween Spirit Week At San Pasqual