The Mysterious Gate Revealed


Photo Credit: Juliana McCormack

Kayla Tran, Staff Writer

Right before winter break SP students noticed several new large metal poles between the MPR and Gym.

When students returned to SP on January 10, 2023 there was a brand new fence connecting the two buildings. The fence has 3 door openings but only one is always open. The real question is: why is there a fence? Well, the journalism team went ahead and talked to one of our Assistant Principals, Kevin Myers, to find an answer.

“The purpose of the fence is to delineate the athletic sports area from the rest of campus,” Myers explained.

“For instance, when we have games on Friday evenings we are able to secure campus and close the main part of campus while maintenance and operations do their work, and we can safely open up the athletic area to keep our San Pasqual High School fans in the athletic portion of the school,” Myers concluded.