Palomar Promise

Zoe Voelker, Staff Writer

Don’t know what to do after high school? Sign up for Palomar Promise your senior year. It’s a great opportunity for a step in the right direction towards your future. Many of us have struggled with understanding how college works. This program will help to answer those questions.

San Pasqual High School is one of just a few high schools in the area to offer the Palomar Promise program – a two-year comprehensive student success program designed to provide first-time college students with access to affordable higher education. The program has proven to increase college attendance and completion rates in our community. 

Any student is eligible to join this program. You’re most likely to be approved if you’ve met all requirements. This program is great for students who don’t quite know what to major in. 

I interviewed Ian Greer, a past student at San Pasqual, on the topic. Greer is now in his fourth year of college. He has finished both years of Palomar Promise, and will attend Cal State San Marcos next school year. 

“I will be getting a degree in construction,” Greer commented. 

Greer explained how Palomar Promise has helped him understand the expectations for the CSU system. Palomar Promise is a great choice for those who are still stuck on what they want their future to look like.