Number of Students at School Decreasing

Karen Magana, Staff Writer

In 2022 after the holiday break students returned to school. During the holiday break, many families gathered together, socialized more, and traveled a lot. Coming back, a higher number of students and teachers have started getting COVID-19. Almost every classroom at San Pasqual has some kids missing due to COVID-19. In some classes, half of the students are absent.

A concern that many teachers have is that a large number of students are not able to learn when not physically in the classroom. Many students are missing lessons and coming back extremely stressed because they have a lot of work that has piled up. 

In addition, many teachers are also getting sick. Another concern is a shortage of teachers and staff.

“And a small number of school systems are switching [back] to remote learning — for just a short while, educators hope,” states KLTA.

Some schools have started closing again. Most students here at San Pasqual High School are hoping that the number of COVID cases will decrease so that our school won’t close again. Most students learn better in a classic classroom setting. 

“I learn better in person, ” states Violeta Vasquez, a freshman at San Pasqual High School.

Most schools, including San Pasqual, are providing students with free at-home COVID 19 rapid tests that were provided by the state of California. This distribution is being made on January 12th, 2022. The intent is that this will decrease the spread of Covid by preempting the diagnosis.