How has online AP testing affected students?

Every year AP students dread and fear the upcoming tests that have an extreme impact on their grades and this year is no different, however this year students must prepare and study for the tests on their own time from a computer at home.


Image credit: Pixabay

Asa Nichols, Staff Writer

The school year for 2020 and 2021 was problematic for many students, halting learning for everyone in a physical classroom and forcing students to adjust to a new learning style. This drastic change that made classes more difficult was hard enough to deal. Stacking this on top of the already difficult AP classes is like adding fuel to a forest fire. 


I conducted an interview with an AP test taker to get an inside look on the difficulty of these classes in an online setting. We discussed strategies and ideas for anyone taking these tests that could be helpful for students’ success. The bottom line is… tests shouldn’t be taken in an online setting and we should be looking for better ways or replacements for this necessary testing. 


The best way to understand the AP tests is by hearing an inside perspective from a student enrolled in an AP class. During an interview conducted with Enrique Juarez I asked him to talk about what it was like preparing for the first semester AP test. 


“It wasn’t terrible but studying took up a lot of time” said Juarez.  


Juarez’s comments suggest that the AP test is definitely doable for students that apply themselves however the workload is increased and takes up much more time than a normal class. 


“These tests are definitely hard but if you put your mind to it and take notes while the teacher is talking the classes are very doable,” continues Juarez. 


I think this shows that even with the increase in workload students can still manage these classes but to anyone who is having troubles the best solution is to write down everything you are learning.  


A study from Kent State University states that one of the best techniques for success on tests is to “review your notes within 24 hours of the lecture.” In conclusion all students need to be reviewing their notes and practicing the lessons that are taught and to practice productive note taking. 


Even though these classes are doable, the added stress of taking them online is something that every student should avoid. Schools need to look for better solutions for taking AP tests online.