How British Ruling Influenced America’s Upbringing

Once America was formed it was viewed as the new monarchy that sprouted off of England. This was believed since many of the colonists looked to their British heritage to help construct the ruling of America. 


Photo credit: Chris Lawton

Natalie Price, Staff Writer

After separating from England, the Founding Fathers took influence from England’s monarchy. One of the most influential documents used to create America was the Magna Carta, which heavily influenced The U.S. Constitution. The Magna Carta was a document drafted in order to control their monarchy and lead to the creation of England’s Parliament. It is referred to as England’s constitution. 

Some of the similar ideas America received from England are that no one can be tried without credible witness and evidence. England and America also share the same idea of how punishment must fit the crime or else it can not count as creditable punishment. America also got the idea from England of the right to fair fines from the Magna Carta.

The creation of Parliament also influenced how America chose to be ruled. The Parliament influenced America to have a limiting government in power, to prevent tyranny, and leave the power to the people. Parliament is where the colonists originally got the idea of leaving some of the power to the wealthy instead of all the power going to the king. America’s congress was also created using the same idea of England’s parliament to rule trials fairly. 

Parliament gave the idea of a central power to help guide the colonists