Vaping has Consumed School Bathrooms


Lucia Ayala, Staff Writer

School can sometimes be a place where students are the most stressed and vulnerable, which can make them choose not so great decisions. The sociology class at San Pasqual High School recently made an account on Instagram to help prevent students from vaping at school, seeing as how it has become a major issue.

       The account @Sphsvapes was created by Kody Cranford and Alexander Rickets on Instagram. Their goal was to help improve the situation at school, but along the way they found some difficulties with sending their message to those involved with the situation on campus. They have been hanging up posters around campus that list the negative effects of vaping.

“Even if we are putting posters up saying the effects, are we really keeping people from doing it?” San Pasqual teacher Justin Graeber asked. “You can smell it and you can see the people in the bathroom,” Graeber said.

Teachers have personally seen it happen on campus and have caught students. School staff is also managing the situation by having conversations with the students in their classes and informing them of the dangers of doing it.

“As teachers, we are very passionate and caring people and so we care about our students. We want them to be healthy and successful,” Graeber said.

There are many consequences that you can face involving your education when committing this action.

“You can have the possibility of getting in a lot of trouble that could keep you from graduating or walking with your class or going to a prom/event or even being part of a sport,” Graeber said.

This action can prevent athletes from participating with their teammates during the sport season. Also, violations can prevent you from attending special occasions such as prom or other school dances/activities that are school-related.

“There are several penalties for CIF sanction. You can get suspended for thirty to sixty days,” Graeber says.

The after-effects of vaping can cause people to act and feel different as well and that can interrupt their learning experience. The aftermath of vaping could also cause health issues later on in life such as types of cancer.

“People should try putting it away to see if if they feel better, energized, more relaxed and confident,” Graeber said.

Inhaling chemicals at a young age can damage youth and their future health. With that in mind, Graeber advises students to stop this action in order to ensure a better, more bright future.