San Pasqual Drama Class Performs Play

Jocelyn Ibarra, Staff Writer

 San Pasqual High School drama class is reeling from an outstanding play performance of  “The Odd Couple.” Before hitting the grounds of SPHS, the comedy itself was been performed on stage, produced on film, and was previously a long-running television series in the 1970s.

The story, which was performed on the MPR stage earlier this fall, is set in New York in 1972. In it, a middle aged man named Oscar Madison regularly holds poker games in his unkempt apartment with fellow buddies: Vinnie, Speed, Roxy, and Marie. When one of his best friends, Felix Ungar starts to go through a rocky time in life and is facing an impending divorce. At that point, Oscar, out of pity, invites Felix into his home. As weeks go by, Oscar seemingly gets more and more frustrated with Felix’s obsession of his soon-to-be-ex-wife and, in an attempt to uplift his spirits, Oscar arranges a double date with his British neighbors, Gwendolyn and Cecily. The date itself backfires and only further ignites Felix to be dejected and discouraged with life and as a result, Oscar’s and Felix’s friendship is put to the test. It’s safe to say that poker games at Oscar’s may never be the same.

The play exclusively ran from 11/07 to 11/09.  The production was provided by the cast consisting of San Pasqual students: Jacob Hestand, Adriana Carrillo, Hunter Pangonis, Ashley Gonzalez, Orion Everhart-Wallace, Christian Cervantes, Brianna Hood, Analise Celaya-Nix, and was directed by San Pasqual drama teacher Laura Whitten who says the experience has been magical as it shows the story and hilarity of two polar opposite best friends as they try to reconcile their differences and help each other during difficult times in their lives.

“It’s about how to people can be completely different and opposites and still be best friends,” says Whitten.

Christian Cervantes and Ashley Gonzalez, classmates in drama, both agree that the environment of their classroom is welcoming to anyone and energetic.

“You can expect lots of love from Whitten and to be a part of our big dysfunctional family, as she would say,” says Gonzalez.

There were many challenges that the crew faced over the span of two months such as long rehearsals, the lack of memorizing lines, and difficulty to set up in time.

“The hardest part was memorizing my lines,” says Cervantes, “I didn’t want to let my cast down,” says Gonzalez.

Nonetheless, the San Pasqual drama department was able to pull off a beautiful show and deliver an outstanding performance. Whitten’s upcoming projects will begin in February of 2019 for the musical “Guys and Dolls” which will require leading roles, supporting roles and many extras. Whitten says the parts are open to everyone and she hopes to have students share the wonderful experience.