How The Poor Bathroom Conditions Are Taking A Toll On Campus Life

Ana Felipe, Staff Writer

Bathrooms are used on a daily basis throughout the day at San Pasqual High School but lately, students have been thinking that the bathrooms aren’t clean enough and are not as accessible as they should be.

According to students at San Pasqual, the bathrooms are often dirty with paper piled up near the trash bins and no paper towels with which to dry hands.

They are also often locked, which causes students to be out of class longer than necessary.

Some students decide to not use school bathrooms because they are often dirty to the point that they don’t want to go in.

“Having the restroom dirty is just not a good environment for the students,” freshman Kiara Eldrenkamp said.

Many students agree with Eldrenkamp and propose that it is time to crack down on bathroom maintenance or to find another way to prevent the vaping epidemic that results in the lockdown of bathrooms.