Interact Club impacts community

Kiara Eldrencamp, Staff Writer

Serving the community is a very important part of our society, and the Interact Club of San Pasqual focuses on giving students the chance to help the community through community service.

The Interact Club is exactly what its title says; interactive. This club lets members that are involved in the club to interact with the the community, making changes in the society in positive ways. The club has a variety of people in it – freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors – usually meeting on Tuesdays in room 405. The Interact Club exists for people that want to make a difference in the community and do good deeds for others under any circumstances.

“It’s a big family, basically,” said senior club president Isabella Pulido.

In the Interact Club, members get to help the community and grow closer and closer bonds with one another, just like a family would. The Interact Club participates in community service projects like beach cleanups, park cleanups, and even visit retirement homes, one of which is called the Oakwood Retirement Home, where club members kept the Oakwood residents company by talking with them, playing checkers with them, and other activities.  

“It’s really nice to visit the older members of our community,” said Pulido. “It gives a real perspective on what’s happening here in Escondido.”

Members say that the best things about the Interact Club are that participation there gives members the opportunity to serve the community in positive ways, find new friends, and meet interesting people. Some members enjoy the club so much that they stay all four years.   

“It’s really fun to meet new people in your community and make a difference,” Pulido said.

The Interact Club is for all ages; just because you think that you are too young to do anything about the community does not mean you can’t; you can be any age to help out your community. Some people think that they are too young to make a difference, but the Interact Club gives people a chance to actually change things,” said Pulido.

Changing the community for the better is part of the reason that the Interact Club exists. In fact, 90 members have joined this year. The Interact Club has gone up by 60 members since 2016, and it hopes to gain more as the years go on.

“It’s just so nice to know that students care about our society and want to change it so it can be better,” said Pulido. “It’s a good thing that so many others are excited about serving the community.”

Students agree that the Interact Club is a positive part of the school, along with the many other clubs that San Pasqual has everywhere.

“I’m really passionate about helping the community,” said Pulido. “…small steps create a big change.”