Seniors Painted Parking Spots

Dominique Domville, April Cortez

On Saturday, September 15th, seniors came out to paint their parking spots with the design that they had chosen.

Seniors often paint their parking spots to commemorate memories of the four years they’ve spent here. Some seniors painted peace signs and butterflies; other spots had beautiful flowers and colorful designs. Senior Kameron Davis painted his spot with a Tommy Hilfiger design, adding the color red on his parking spot.

“I love my parking spot because I like how I painted it. I used a basic Tommy Hil design,” Davis said.

Seeing other seniors paint their parking spot inspired him to one as well

“It’s a tradition that all parking spots are painted at the same time. It took about 2-3 hours to paint, but it was totally worth it. Only seniors get parking spots,” Davis said.

This year’s painting seniors chose different ideas. Some were more basic and simple than other ones, while other parking spots were more creative and had very detailed art styles and paintings. Parking spots are important to seniors to help mark their final year at San Pasqual.

“I’m very excited about having a parking spot I have been wanting one since my freshman year of high school,” Davis said.