Flight Crew Helps San Pasqual Students

Rylee Hofmann, Features Editor

As students join a brand new place, it can be stressful and cause anxiety worrying about being able to fit in or being able to be yourself. Enter San Pasqual High School’s Flight Crew!

At the end of every year, the Flight Crew adviser, Jared Hoyt, gives the students of San Pasqual a chance to help pitch in at school, offering applications that potential leaders must fill out. There are various tasks to followto become a Flight Crew leader, but those who are selected help at orientation and various other school activities throughout the year.

Flight Crew is really important to many students because of the vast places that many students come from. Many scenarios cause students to wind up in an unfamiliar place without any peer support systems.

“I personally feel [Flight Crew] is important because it gives the future freshmen of San Pasqual a taste of what the school is going to be like when they arrive,” sophomore and Flight Crew leader Savana Pellerin said.

Many students come from different cities or states because of parents needing to move for work; for those students, Flight Crew can help unite students and create another family.

“Flight Crew helps get freshmen used to what is coming for them,” Pellerin said. “It gets them used to what the campus is like, what the faculty is like, and what their peers will be like.”

As an incoming student, it can be difficult to become more involved in the environment of the school. In the beginning of the year, San Pasqual holds the annual Club Rush where anyone can sign up for any club they are interested in.

“My advice would be to sign up for as many clubs as you possibly can and just get involved in any way you can. The school offers many sports and SOAR clubs,” Pellerin said. “When you attend Club Rush, put you name down for as many clubs as you can; you never know when you may end up loving.”